Sackville Men's Hockey League

2021 Independent Cup Winners & Individual Awards

Congratulations to the Remax Renegades on winning the 2021 Independent Cup

Individual Awards:

Hart Trophy (MVP Regular Season):
Brock McEwen (Patterson Wings) 17GP, 20G, 19A, 39Pts, 4PIM

Conn Smyth Trophy (MVP Playoffs):
Jacob Estabrooks (Remax Renegades) 6GP, 3G, 7A, 10Pts, 2PIM

Jennings Trophy (Goalie with Best GAA Season):
Brandon Simpson (Remax Renegades) 16GP, 2.94GAA

James Norris Trophy (Outstanding Defenseman):
Jacob Estabrooks (Remax Renegades) 17GP, 6G, 7A, 2PIM

Art Ross Trophy (Player With the Most Regular Season Points):
Brock McEwen (Patterson Wings) 39 Points

Calder Trophy (Outstanding First Year Player):
Brock McEwen (Patterson Wings) 17GP, 20G, 19A, 39Pts, 4PIM

Rocket Richard Trophy (Most Goals Regular Season):
Justin Matthews (Patterson Wings) - 22 Goals

The Help Trophy (Most Assists Regular Season):
Brock McEwen (Patterson Wings) 19 Assists

Golden Pitchfork Award (Most Penalty Minutes Regular Season):
Corey MacQuarrie (Sod Busters) - 20PIM

Diamond Pitchfork Award (Most Penalty Minutes Playoffs):
Corey MacQuarrie (Sod Busters) - 10PIM

The Oxygen Tank Award (Oldest Players in the League):
Robert Wells (Remax Renegades) - Age (Best Left Unsaid)

The SMHL would again like to thank its sponsors and hopes to see you all next season.

Latest Results

Home Team Away Team Time Results
Remax RenegadesSod BustersMar 25th - 8:30 pm4 - 1
Sod BustersRemax RenegadesMar 24th - 8:30PM4 - 3 OT
Pattersons WingsBeale & Inch DiggersMar 24th - 9:45PM4 - 2
Beale & Inch DiggersPattersons WingsMar 23rd - 8:30PM2 - 6
Remax RenegadesSod BustersMar 23rd - 9:45PM5 - 4
Remax RenegadesPattersons WingsMar 22nd - 8:30 pm6 - 3
Pattersons WingsRemax RenegadesMar 19th - 7:45 pm5 - 1
Sod BustersBeale & Inch DiggersMar 17th - 9:00 pm5 - 4 OT
Beale & Inch DiggersSod BustersMar 15th - 8:30 pm2 - 4
Remax RenegadesPattersons WingsMar 15th - 9:45 pm10 - 6
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