Season Conduct and Playing Rules
    1. If you don't pay, you don't play! Registration fees, forms and signing of this waiver are required prior to playing.
    2. Teams will be picked by in a draft once registration deadline has been met. Teams and Rosters will be posted on the SMHL website on the Teams page.
    3. Players should make every attempt to attend their scheduled games. If a player is consistently not showing up to games, the Board will contact the player for potential replacement.
    4. The deadline for player additions and replacements is December 31st of the hockey season.
    5. The league is a 19+ year's league. This means that all players must be 19 years of age on or before September 30th of the playing season. Some exceptions may occur depending on number of players/teams.
    6. We will have two referees per game - there will be penalties. All basic rules exist. You cannot hook, trip, slash, hold, grab, hit etc. There will be no arguing with the referee, when he/she makes a call, that call stands. Please self-manage your play and be in control.
    7. Slap shots are not allowed. A penalty will be instilled when a slap shot takes place.
    8. Checking will not be permitted and will be assessed as a major/misconduct at the referee's and Discipline Committee's discretion.
    9. While this is a non-contact league, collisions do occur. An offensive player entering the opponent's zone cannot be checked into the boards, nor hit in open ice. A defensive player is not expected to step aside, but it is expected that every effort will be made to play the puck and not the man.
    10. There will be a zero tolerance for fighting. If a player is ejected for fighting, a minimum 5-game suspension will occur. If suspended a second time, the player will be ejected from the league with no reimbursement of the annual fee. All suspensions are subject to severity of the act and are at the sole discretion of the referees & Discipline Committee.
    11. Any players ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for one game following. If a player is ejected a second time, they will be suspended for three games. If a player is ejected a third time, they will be suspended the rest of the season with no reimbursement of the annual fee. All suspensions are subject to severity of the penalty and are at the sole discretion of the referees & Discipline Committee.
    12. There will be 3 periods of play with a 3 minute warm-up for each team. Periods will all be 12 minutes, all stop time (subject to change depending on time available). There will be a 1-minute break in-between periods. Teams will play from the same side of the ice the entire game.
    13. Tie Break: If a game ends in a tie, the winner will be decided with a shootout (time permitting). Every player must shoot before a player shoots for a second time. Playoff ties will go to a 5 minute 4-on-4 overtime, then a shootout as per regular season.
    14. All teams would like to start on time. Please make every effort to ready to go on the ice when the Zamboni has finished so that we may enjoy our full hour of ice time.
    15. The players on the two teams will shake hands at the end of every game. (Due to COVID-19 teams will no longer shake hands).
    16. The Discipline Committee (made up of the Board of Directors) will deal with any issues that defy the playing rules. Major incidents will be dealt with on an individual basis when they arise. All player issues are to be directed through Team Captains to the Discipline Committee.
    17. Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the building or within 12 meters of the building. This is a public building like any other, such as a hospital or government office. TVMCC staff and management will enforce this rule.
    18. All users of the TVMCC ice are expected to leave their dressing room within one hour of finishing their ice time. pre and post game dressing room time will be limited due to COVID-19 (see operational plan).
    19. All players are covered under CARHA insurance policy. Noteworthy items in our policy include requirement for half visor and mouth guard, at minimum, for dental coverage - we recommend all players wear this at minimum. A summary of our CARHA insurance coverage details can be found on our website. For more information please contact the Board.