Registration Fee for *All Players & Goalies: $325.00.

*This is a “first come, first serve” registration format. We will permit registrations up to the maximum number of players (70). Players wanting to register beyond that required may have potential to join the league (in queue) if a player quits. The deadline for joining a team is .

NOTE: Registration forms and fees, as well as signing of the waiver form, must be completed and paid prior to playing.


I HEREBY AGREE TO SAVE HARMLESS, INDEMNIFY AND RELEASE the Sackville Men’s Hockey League from and/or against any and all claims and demands whatsoever made by a member of his/her participation in the Sackville Men’s Hockey League activities. I understand that the Sackville Men’s Hockey League has the right to remove any player that does not abide by the Sackville Men’s Hockey League Conduct and Playing Rules (attached).

Sackville Men’s Hockey League will not be responsible financially or otherwise for any injuries or loss of equipment, clothing, etc. incurred by any players.

We have proposed to have approximately 32 games for each team, including playoffs. However, this is subject to change depending on the total number of players and teams registered, how the team does is playoffs, etc.

Players are to be held responsible for their own behaviour as well as respecting the rink. If players do not act accordingly, they will be sanctioned subject to suspension or expulsion from the Sackville Men’s Hockey League without refund.

EMAIL COMMUNICATION: I understand that Sackville Men’s Hockey League uses email as its primary means of communication with its members. I hereby consent to the use of my email address indicated above for all communication with Sackville Men’s Hockey League.

Payment Method

By selecting "I Agree", you signify that you understand fully the responsibilities as outlined above, the Season Conduct and Playing Rules outlined below, and that there are no refunds. It also declares that you are 19 years of age on or before September 30th.
[Season Conduct & Playing Rules]